Thursday, December 11, 2008

The best gifts are free

So sometime last week my mom called and said that she was going to be sending a box with some xmas things for me, and was at the pet store earlier but couldn't find anything to send for the ferrets. Then she remembered that I said they like boxes so she probably already got them something anyways, lol. Well, this was even better than just a box, cos she packed it with packing peanuts! They dove in as soon as I took out the presents (my stocking and the one they got for Tony last year, filled with things) and played until they fell asleep!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Since the camera was on, of course I snapped a couple pics of the fuzzums. Here they are, they just finished breakfast.

And here is Miss Minou wondering why I am bothering her when she is playing with her plastic bag :P

And a decent Cherry shot, lol. She was licking her lips from breakfast so I got a fangy shot. She just always manages to move at the exact second I press the button.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh to be so spoiled

So last time I posted about putting my plants in the ferret cage and making a crazy ferret condo for them. Well, here it is:

I've actually added some since then, since it's made of cardboard it's really easy to modify it however I feel like. Although I've just about run out of packing tape so I'm not sure how many more changes are going to happen.

Cherry shows everyone the "balcony" it's even lined with fleece! :O

This is the second floor, I've added a little fabric door to it now and they like it better to sleep in that way. Really all I did was hang a piece of fabric over the top, which is another piece of fabric velcro-ed to the top. (I figured it would be easier to get in there that way if I needed to for whatever reason)

They really like it so much, I even used the shelf and ramp from the old cage in it, that's what's in the bottom part. So they go up the ramp and then up the side ramp to get into the top floor. I had to put sides on the ramp that goes to the top floor cos there were jumping issues.... Apparently sleepy ferrets that just woke up think they can easily jump from there and just fly off it. Now they actually use it as intended. Most of the floors I punched holes and tied in pieces of fleece. It even has a built in hammock (that they never use might I add :P )

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just a few new pics

Cherry making you think that's she's oh-so-cute, and would never get into any trouble at all, lol.

Minou being the Little Miss Cutie Pants that she always is, and hamming it up for the camera as usual.

Minou and Cherry playing in a plastic grocery bag... the best toys are free, and plastic grocery bags and cardboard boxes are definitely their fav toys ever.

So everything's been going pretty well with them. They had a really big week with visitors and new things to get into, but now everything's been calm and getting back to normal.
Last time that they ran out of food I found a new kind of food for them, since the icky Marshall's food was so stupidly expensive and isn't good for them anyways. I wish I had kept the package, hopefully I can remember what it was for next time. Anyways- it's got no corn, wheat or soy in it, so that's a major drastic improvement in food for them, and it was way cheaper than the other kinds I was getting them, go figure. Cherry dove right into it and has loved it from the start, she's not picky with food in any way... well as long as it's not something like know things that she's supposed to have. Minou really didn't want to eat it and took her a day or two to try it, but they're both eating it now and seem to like it enough.
I still can't figure out how to make a harness that Cherry can't get out of. She's just too wiggily and squirmy and manages to squeeze out of every style I make.
And now they're getting even more spoiled since Cherry got into my houseplants too many times now. I really never put them in their cage, and they never go in it anymore either; they'd rather sleep in my clothes in the closet instead. So I emptied all their blankets, hammocks and everything out of it and brought it out in the living room; put it infront of the window to the balcony (next to where the door opens) and put all my plants inside it. I can still easily get in to water it since there's 2 doors on it, or even take the whole top off to get to them, but no ferrets can get in now >:D lol. At first they were a little annoyed about it and pulled at the bars but then I think they realized that since the things I didn't want them to have were now in there, that they didn't have to go in there again. And to spoil them even more I made a gigantic crazy cardboard box ferret condo in the bedroom, it's got 2 floors, ramps, bedding, a hammock, even a little window that has silly little fake shutters on the top floor. To top it off, I moved bed-side tables around and such to hopefully keep Cherry off of them and to narrow it down to just 2 corners that are being used for potty; one bed-side table (it was just a cardboard box covered in fabric) I cut a hole in the side and they have yet another hidey place in the bedroom. Yes, very very spoiled ferrets.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Minou & Cherry

A few days ago Minou had a really big day. We drove about a half hour away to go visit a possible new buddy for her. Cherry is also 2 years old and a female. She's all chocolate brown, with a spotted brown nose and cute little white toes! She came home with us that same day.

Here's Cherry checking out the new things:

And here is Minou and Cherry eating their breakfast:
Usually after their breakfast soupies they go off to separate rooms and chill out, play when I come in the room and then take naps by themselves. Today though, Minou decided to try to get Cherry to play. They played for a good hour or so and then were very tired from all the bouncing and running. I went to go look for them and this is what I found:
They stole most of my pajamas for that nest, lol. I'm so happy that they're getting along so well. Minou has been busy showing Cherry all the good hidey places and things to get into. And she showed her how much fun it is to play in the tub when I open the bathroom door. It looks like things worked out really great, Minou is so happy now. She's really been wanting a little furry friend to play and cuddle with.

Friday, April 20, 2007


A few more Minou pics :)

lol too close to the camera on that last one :D


Took a couple pictures today while she was hamming it up rolling all around on the floor like the cutie she is.
She got lots new food and treats yesterday, a bottle of FerreTone, a new kind of kibble to mix in, and some N-bones chew treats. She's been a very good girl lately (or at least has done a good job of being cute so I forget when she's not a good girl, lol) and needed a little something special.